DuckDuckGo 5.134.0

DuckDuckGo is a simple and feature-rich application — a great alternative to standard browsers.
DuckDuckGo promises all its users complete privacy and security on the Internet. And it keeps its promises! It’s no secret that leakage of personal information on the Internet is a common thing. To make sure you don’t fall for the tricks of the crooks and feel like you’ve been hurt, DuckDuckGo offers you a secure way to surf the web. Surf through your favorite web pages and don’t worry about a thing!

No online ad trackers! The app blocks any trackers that follow you. What’s more, you can track them down yourself. Also, thanks to the encrypted connection, no site can read your personal information. So stay safe and anonymous with DuckDuckGo!

Features of the DuckDuckGo app:
Encryption protection; Anonymous search; Ad tracker blocking; Privacy rating display; Instant close all tabs button.

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